Frank King Comedy Videos

Frank King has traveled the globe either by land and by sea. When he is land-locked you will find he has been in comedy clubs across the nation bringing humor and delight to all that have seen him on stage. He can also be found on cruise ships from sea to shining sea all over the world making the world a better place one set to another. Frank King really is the best Clean Corporate Comedian who is sure to light-up the stage at your next event and this page is the proof you need.

Day in and day out people face pain, loss, stresses and personal messes and are confronted with the daunting task of surviving and thriving, in a lousy economy, with the odds stacked against them. As a Certified Laugh Coach, Stress Reduction Specialist, and Professional Comedian since 1985 who has totaled one marriage, two heart valves, and three cars, and turned a million dollar real estate portfolio, amassed by age 52, into, thanks to the recession and a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing, a $125,000 real estate portfolio by age 53, I offer time-tested tools for using humor to turn pain into punchlines, losses into laughs, and messes and stresses into successes.


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